What's New

I'd like to point to two new pieces on my Works page, both composed this year.

Shadowy Figures is a short piece for alto sax, viola, and marimba. It's part of an unofficial series of pieces about hidden processes and agendas.

The program notes for "Biko" Variations read:

"Biko" Variations is a set of 15 variations on the rhythmic pattern that underlies Peter Gabriel’s great song protesting the death at police hands of anti-apartheid activist Stephen Biko, in 1977. The insistent nature of the pattern speaks both of the insistent nature of oppression and the insistent need to resist. To paraphrase what Mr. Gabriel says at the end of live performances of "Biko", "As always, the rest is up to us".

Both of these pieces are available now for performance and/or perusal. Please contact me through the Contact page or directly in email at stevehicken@gmail.com.